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Orthotics – Why see an expert?

Do you have foot pain?  Have you considered custom foot orthotics? Where should you go for help? Foot orthotics are available everywhere these days – I’ve noticed them in pharmacies, sporting goods stores and online. However, orthotics that are improperly fitted or don’t have the appropriate features for your foot condition will not help you […]

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Sport Compression Sleeves and Socks – The Science

Last blog I talked about the non-science. This time, the science behind sport compression sleeves and socks. You’ve seen them, distance runners, professional athletes and perhaps, even me, an adventure racer, wearing them. Why, you ask? Benefit Performance When you wear compression, studies show that the walls of your arteries dilate, which increases the amount […]

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5 Non-Science Reasons to Wear Sport Compression Sleeves and Socks

Long distance and marathon runners have been wearing sport compression socks and sleeves for years. I am neither of those, but I do enjoy Adventure Racing (bike/paddle/trek) which can range from 4-24 hours of fun in all sorts of terrain and conditions. The makers of these products tout the performance benefits of compression technology, but […]

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