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Orthotics – Why see an expert?

Do you have foot pain?  Have you considered custom foot orthotics? Where should you go for help? Foot orthotics are available everywhere these days – I’ve noticed them in pharmacies, sporting goods stores and online. However, orthotics that are improperly fitted or don’t have the appropriate features for your foot condition will not help you […]

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May Flowers Bring June Back Pain: Tips from a Physiotherapist on How To Avoid Gardening Related Back Pain

Spring has sprung and with it comes the annual yard work marathons. For Physiotherapists, this is back pain season. Gardening is very physical work, and after a long, indoor winter, many people are ill-equipped for a rapid increase in physical labour. If you are a “perennials only” serious gardener or working on a new outdoor […]

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Hip or knee osteoarthritis – have you tried the GLA:D™ Canada program? Do you want to stay active but have concerns about pain and stiffness in your knees and hips? Exercise is a vital part of keeping our minds and bodies healthy and while you may worry that exercising with osteoarthritis could harm your joints […]

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